At C-Oliveira Design, we make the process of designing your project easy, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price. We offer onsite visits and consultation to understand your desires, wants, and needs.


Our team of designers utilize their skills in Architectural Design to make the vision of the client possible and feasible.


Managing your complete project from start to finish, including design concept to drawing, city permits, and construction management.


We provide planning if needed before the build, making sure the project will be approved with the permits required for your design and construction needs.


Providing complete design and planning services for residential and commercial buildings. Delivering designs to our clients’ needs and budget.


WhoWe are

Architectural Design, Permit Expediter, Services Provider

We are a firm which offers architectural services with over 10 years of experience designing residential buildings, including single and multi-family units, apartment complexes, additions, and commercial buildings that are innovatively designed and efficient. Additionally, we aim to add another layer to the work we provide by applying functionality based on the individual, family, or business needs. At C-Oliveira Design, we do not believe in cookie-cutter designs; we give every project a unique style that fits your space needs and budget. We think about your project as a whole with the drive to make your dream a reality.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the typical time to complete a project?

    Every project is unique and depends on the size, scope of work, city permits and where the project is located. Providing this information, we can provide a more accurate timeline for your project.

    What is the cost for C-Oliveria Design Services?

    Prices vary based on each project, taking into consideration city location, if on flat or hillside surface, zoning or permits needed, and size of building to name a few. If you are looking for a more specific quote, please send a snapshot of these details so we can have a conversation and see what might be possible.

    What do I, as a client, need to have ready?

    To help with the speed and efficiency of providing a quote or starting a project, clients should know what kind of project they want to have completed (new, remodel, addition), estimate of the size in square feet, if the project will be on a hill-side or flat location, and what city will the project be located for permits and zoning. Price can change based on all variables.

    What is the cost for C-Oliveria Design Services?

    We start with a consultation, to obtain all the information of our client’s needs, wants, and desires. Once we have all necessary information about the project, our team will research the location and area, which includes checking building codes & zoning. Once complete with the research and project plan, then we provide a quote. If it is a good fit for both parties, we’ll start the project and provide the detailed schedule and stages of the project.

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